Is Mobile Advertising The Best Way To Market Your Products?

Jason Daly
6 min readAug 23, 2021
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Mobile advertising has joined keyword driven from internet advertising as a strong choice for small or larger businesses looking to get solid return on their investments.

As with Internet advertising, mobile advertising has the ability to target potential customers utilizing keywords and geographic location, adding key advantages of location and time-of-day feedback from mobile devices.

Ads on mobile applications are the new way of marketing your products. The Smartphone generation thinks it is more accessible to whirl through the Internet. People in this generation spend nearly more than seven hours on their mobile phones. This makes advertising on mobile apps more beneficial; thus, they can reach a wider scope of customers.

Advertisers have shown strong demand for mobile marketing for many years. Your business can benefit from advertisements that go directly to the customer’s phones, but your business will need to understand the specific advantages of mobile marketing so you can tailor your advertising to this new medium.

Some main benefits of using mobile apps for advertising are as follows.

1. Accessibility

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Smartphones have a profound advantage as an advertising medium that they are almost always within the reach of their users. No other media has the potential to connect with as many customers compared to smartphones.

Most people who use mobile phones keep them handy throughout the day. This means that the advertisers can reach potential customers wherever they are with no issue of location.

Mobile app ads follow people wherever they go and do not depend on a single location, since today smartphones are used everywhere, and so ads are broadcasted all over the globe and there are multiple mobile advertising networks to choose from.

2. Target Markets Via. Phone Numbers

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This empowers the advertisers to select prospects who have demonstrated interest in their products or services.

Through this advantage mobile ad targeting is more accurate than keyword-driven online advertising, as desktop and laptop users often delete their cookies.

They can reach their targeted customers through their personal contact numbers.

This can benefit the advertisers of having direct contact with their customers, they will have the ability to communicate well with customers and gain quick feedback.

3. Cuts Costs For Business

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Compared to television, radio or magazines, advertising on mobile apps is more accessible and cheap. It does not require much cost to advertise on mobile apps. It’s a cheap way to reach maximum consumers worldwide through a decent range of mobile advertising platforms.

Mobile advertising costs a fraction of what television and radio ads cost. This interprets that the advertisers can reach more people with less money.

They can afford to send repeat messages or send new messages to remind customers of what you are offering. The advertisers can try out mobile ads for effectiveness before moving the ads to more expensive mediums.

4. Location Feedback

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Advertisers can engage potential clients in relevant conversation based on their location information e.g. Restaurants and retailers who can profit from mobile ads that converse with customers in their geographic area.

Often many customers assume marketers will use their proximity and environmental data to engage them through their mobile devices.

5. Persuasive Advertising

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Through mobile app advertising consumers can easily find any product they want. The mobile apps that have ads are visually much more persuasive than informative ads which are given through newspapers, magazines or billboards.

Consumers will be more curious through mobile app ads and can access what the product offers just by one click.

The marketers will benefit since people will be attracted towards their product more easily and with less time taken for their product to go worldwide.

6. Fraud Protection

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Any carriers can audit usage and click to call can easily be verified.

Fraud detection is easier when compared to desktop advertising. This lessens the chances of any negative feedback from the customers.

Also it reduces the risk for the advertisers.

7. Simple To Use

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Advertising through mobile apps will make it easier for marketers to access their customers, for example getting their feedback or any possible questions from the customers.

It gives a wider range of customers who can reach to their service easily. In comparison with PC and laptop, mobile app adverts are easy to work with.

They provide more convenience to marketers. Instead of having to wait until they log on to the internet with a computer, as long as you have your phone, a decent signal and enough data, you are good to go.

8. Measurement Will Become Easy

Advertisers can easily see how many people have seen their advertisement this will make it easy for them to identify how to enhance or spread their ads even more.

Later on, the marketers can work out how much more advertising is required and how they can make their ad campaigns more successful.

They can also identify how much more customers they should target.

9. Intimacy

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Mobile users have grown accustomed to using their phones for personal messages and conversations. If you tailor your mobile advertising messages to the expectations of mobile users, you can convey a sense of intimacy.

Forming relationships with customers helps you get repeat business.

You can focus on low-pressure advertising pitches and maintain a sense of friendliness with your customers.

Mobile device owners tend to use them for their most personal and emotional interactions. They expect to be entertained and impressed with the offerings of mobile advertisers but are wary of those who overstep the boundaries of propriety and intrude on their personal lives.

Advertisers who respect the trust of mobile clients are poised to reap the benefits of the special access they cultivate.

Mobile ads are more beneficial for any business. To gain better recognition and reach a wide range of customers with limited facilities is a real boon to any business owner.

If you’re a new business mobile advertisement will be a bit of a no-brainer option. Even for larger businesses this form of advertisement will be very effective because larger firms will be able to achieve greater expansion as and when required.

So, for better results for your business, start displaying your products on mobile ads if you haven’t done so yet. I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

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