Is Your Website User-Friendly For List Building?

When growing your list, remember that gaining more traffic is not the only goal. Attracting highly targeted traffic, full of people who want and need what you’re offering, is the goal. Therefore, you need to develop a list-growing strategy that uses tactics that focus on your goal: Building and Growing a Responsive List, because when you have that responsive list, using email for marketing becomes much easier.

The following tactics will ensure that when someone joins your list they really do want the information you’re providing and will likely turning into a paying customer if you’ve matched your freebie opt-in offers to the right audience and with the idea of promoting specific products and or services to them.

So, let’s build that traffic and ensure that you have a great list that will respond to every email marketing campaign you send them.

First and foremost, everything begins and ends with your website. If your website doesn’t look great, work fast, and doesn’t work on all devices you are likely missing out on numerous opportunities to connect with potential customers.

When you create the website, it’s important to consider your audience because that’s who is going to use it most. Are they tech challenged? What colors do they like? What do they expect when they come to your site?

Making their wants and needs top priority helps to ensure you build a user-friendly website that people want to visit.

Know Your Audience & Your Competition

Before you start building or changing your site, get to know your target audience and your competition. You can only make informed decisions if you are well informed. It’s hard to create products, services, or content for your target market, if you don’t know what they want and need.

The same is true about your competition. It’s hard to compete if you don’t know who your competition is, as well as what they’re doing right and wrong.

Your audience can teach you a lot about your business. You may think you know something, but even if you are part of your audience’s demographics, what you experience is subjective.

That’s why you need to look at the data, pay attention to what your competition is doing, and keep your ear to the ground, regarding your entire industry to stay on top of what’s coming next.

Participate On Social Media

Social media can be very beneficial, as you build your opt-in traffic and mailing list. Since you need to be “social” and build relationships anyway, you may as well get the most out of your efforts. Let’s look at how you can use social media to drive traffic and grow your mailing list.

The more active you are on social media the more you’ll see the traffic to your website, but the action needs to be purposeful. That means you need to plan the content you put on social media just as you plan the content that goes into your blog, email messages, and newsletters.

I hope these list building and email marketing tips have been useful. If you want to know more about email marketing, check out the featured resource below where you can get a free report about simple list building to expand your knowledge further. If you do download it, please read it and take action and good luck 😊

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