Use Past Mistakes To Build A New Success Mindset

Jason Daly
5 min readFeb 24


Every single decisions matters. Every choice you have made in your life has led you to the point you’re at now.

And when I say that you are probably thinking of all those big choices you made. The choice to go into a certain career for instance, the choice to move to a certain part of town and the choice to marry a certain person. Change any of those pivotal moments and everything would be different.

But what about those smaller choices? And what about the choices you make all the time, simply through inaction. When you choose not to look for other work, when you choose not to challenge the system.

And when you choose to ignore the nagging voice inside that is telling you: there’s more to life than this.

It’s scary stuff because it means that no moment in your life is inconsequential. But it’s also incredibly liberating — right now, you have a million choices open to you and you can take any of them. But how to know what to do?

Make A Map Of Failure

If there’s anything you’re unhappy with in your life, then chances are that you got there by making certain choices and decisions. These are your failures, and you are now bearing those scars in your daily life.

Many of us will accept our lot in life and accept these mistakes and thus continue to live a life less satisfying.

But what if we change this approach? What if instead, we take those things we’re unhappy with and we vow to learn from them — to not make those mistakes again.

Did you get to the point of being unhappy in your work by not speaking up and going after a raise? By not looking for work elsewhere? By not taking the chance to go after your dream?

Are you unhappy with your financial situation because you chose not to budget? Or because you chose to take out a loan for something you didn’t need — something that didn’t help you on your path to success?

Don’t feel bad about these mistakes — just recognize them for what they are. And knowing that, use the opportunity to head out there and really make a difference — to embrace the life that you want.

Next time the opportunity comes up — take it. And don’t fail to speak up: start telling people what you want. Want to fix your finances? Come up with a budget and stick to it.

It’s not too late, if you are able to learn from those mistakes!

Use Your Daily Goals To Help Develop A Success Mindset

We have all heard of setting goals to get ahead in life; it is espoused by pretty much every self-help or personal development guru out there.

And goals are important as they act as a destination that you are working towards. If you don’t do that, you can wander through life aimlessly and wonder why you haven’t achieved anything!

So, with that being said, what is your goal in life?

For some it is to get into shape. For some it is to get rich. For others, it is to see the world.

There is no right or wrong answer to the question because what is important for one person will be unimportant for another.

Now what is your daily goal?

This is a very different concept but actually the daily goal is far more important than the overarching goal — at least if you really want to achieve the things that you’re dreaming of. And why is that?

Goals are often too vague

The big issue is that for many of us, our goals are much too broad and much too vague. Even if you have a ‘specific target’ like losing 5 stone in a year, this is still much too broad and vague.

Losing that amount of weight is not entirely within your control. There’s lots you can do to increase or decrease your chances of success and of course you’re mostly responsible… but there are other factors at play here too like your health and like your metabolism.

What’s more, is that having a goal that is that far away can actually make it all too easy to cheat. You know you have a year to lose the weight, so what does it matter if you eat a bit of cake today?

And it makes it easy to get disheartened too — when you get 6 months in and realize that you’re actually heavier than you were before.

Daily goals fix all that

But daily goals fix all that. Start with a vision — a very abstract vision of what you want — and then break that down into the smallest possible steps that you can execute every day or every week.

In the case of losing weight, your goal might be to eat no more than 1,800 calories a day, or to go for at least a 10-minute run every day. That’s a small goal but it’s perfect for sticking to because it is completely within your control.

If you don’t manage to run just that little bit, then you only have yourself to blame. There are no excuses to be made — it’s pass or fail. But at least tomorrow you can try again.

And guess what? If you keep accomplishing those smaller daily goals, they eventually add up. Eventually, you manage that big goal.

Focussing on the small, achievable goal directly in front of you is a great way to get to your destination. They also serve as milestones, and you can look back during your journey to see how far you have come and this can be especially helpful if you are struggling for motivation.

It is important to enjoy the journey and not just the destination or you will be missing out on so much. To know more about enjoying the journey take a look at this premium training here at a very affordable price.

And the same goes for every other type of objective too. The best way to earn money is to build a business a little every day. And the best way to write a novel, is to write a page every night!

As you probably already know, having a strong mindset is critical to any attempt to finding your goals and staying focused on them, so click on the featured resource below to get a free report on how to develop a strong mindset. Download, it read and take action 😊